Our Approach

We Treasure Our Clients

Clark Smith Construction, Inc. is a Minnesota remodeling company built by word-of-mouth. Keeping our commitment today to build great additions and breathtaking remodels, on time and within budget, means we’ll be able to continue providing our services tomorrow.

We Listen Closely to Our Clients’ Needs

We are here to serve our clients and help them to bring their dreams to life. The first step is understanding the client’s vision. The second step is making it a reality. Along the way, we remain in close communication to ensure that we are meeting the client’s expectations.

We Make It as Painless as Possible

Remodeling can be disruptive. Problems can arise. We shield our clients from the stresses as much as we can, so they can continue their daily routines throughout the remodeling process and feel satisfied in the end with their experience.

Helpful Tips

Every project begins with a budget. Before embarking on your remodeling endeavor, it is important to carefully assess financing. Then you can begin the planning process.

Choose a contractor with whom you feel comfortable — someone you can envision coming into your home daily for the duration of the project. If you are obtaining multiple bids, be sure to compare “apples to apples” and assess the level and type of service to be provided as well as the bottom-line cost.

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